APIS Change Log

The APIS website is updated from time to time to add new material, enhance functionality, and clarify or correct information already available on the site. This page lists changes made since the launch of the website on June 23, 2003. Descriptions of these changes may be accessed by selecting a date from the “View Changes” menu.

February 8, 2007

Additions and Enhancements

Site Restructuring

As of this update, APIS no longer includes excerpts of statutory or regulatory text in the APIS Policy Topics section of the APIS Web site. Citations to enacted bills, codified statutes, and codified regulations are included, however, for users interested in researching the legal sources that support the coding of APIS policy topic variables.

A link to the Alcohol Epidemiologic Data Directory has been added to the Researchers section of the APIS Home Page.  This link provides a source of data that can be used to measure the outcomes of policy change.

Corrections and Clarifications

The comparison tables listed below have been changed to reflect changes made in data. 


Policy Topic



Alcohol Beverages Taxes: Beer

South Carolina

Removed rows for beer of more than 5% ABW, based on regulation dealing with restrictions on sales.

Alcohol Beverages Taxes: Wine

North Carolina

Changed effective date of policy change redefining alcohol content of both fortified and unfortified wine, from 8/13/2005 to 10/1/2004.