APIS Change Log

The APIS website is updated from time to time to add new material, enhance functionality, and clarify or correct information already available on the site. This page lists changes made since the launch of the website on June 23, 2003. Descriptions of these changes may be accessed by selecting a date from the “View Changes” menu.

August 22, 2006

Additions and Enhancements

Update to 1/1/2006

The research and data for the following APIS Policy Topics have been updated to include legislative and regulatory changes in effect on or before 1/1/2006: 

Corrections and Clarifications


Policy Topic



Alcohol and Pregnancy: Reporting Requirements


Added check marks for Law Enforcement Personnel and Other in the section of the table dealing with Mandatory reporting.

Underage Consumption of Alcohol

North Carolina

Removed check mark for Consumption Prohibited, and for Other (Religious, Educational, Medical) for the period beginning 8/17/2004, and changed coding to No Law for the period 1/1/1998 - 1/1/2006. Note: Due to a technical error, this change was not implemented on August 22, 2006. See entry for Underage Consumption of Alcohol in Change Log dated August 29, 2007.