APIS Change Log

The APIS website is updated from time to time to add new material, enhance functionality, and clarify or correct information already available on the site. This page lists changes made since the launch of the website on June 23, 2003. Descriptions of these changes may be accessed by selecting a date from the “View Changes” menu.

February 2, 2006

Additions and Enhancements

New policy topic added

A new policy topic was added to the APIS Policy Topics section:

  • Open Containers of Alcohol in Motor Vehicles

Update to 7/1/2005

The following APIS Policy Topic has been updated to 7/1/2005.

  • Insurers' Liability for Losses Due to Intoxication ("UPPL") 

The comparison tables for Insurers' Liability for Losses Due to Intoxication ("UPPL") were revised. Columns for types of insurance other than health/sickness insurance were eliminated. Notes are now provided for the few States with provisions that apply to accident insurance but not health insurance. Legal citations and text excerpts are still included for provisions that apply to any insurance category (accident, long-term care, and/or disability). 

Corrections and Clarifications 

For Insurers' Liability for Losses Due to Intoxication ("UPPL"), the coding of health/sickness insurance exclusions based on intoxication was revised. States that explicitly permit such exclusions in any type of insurance policy that provides hospital, medical, and surgical expense coverage are now coded as permitting the intoxication exclusion. This change affects Alabama, Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Wyoming.