APIS Policy Topics

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Alcohol Policy Topics

Detailed State-by-State information is available for the following alcohol and drug policy topics.

Underage Drinking

APIS provides convenient access to policy topics that pertain to underage drinking, in order to encourage research, evaluation, and outreach efforts in this important area.

NHTSA Alcohol-Highway Safety Digest Topics

This section of the APIS website provides material from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Digest of State Alcohol-Highway Safety Related Legislation.

Maps and Charts

APIS provides access to maps and charts of each policy topic, showing comparisons among states.

Cannabis Policy Topics

Detailed State-by-State information on the Recreational Use of Cannabis is presented in two tables, Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Advertising, Marketing and Mass Media

Cannabis Product Control

Cultivation and Distribution

  • Cultivation Restrictions – see Column 6.
  • Industry Makeup – see Column 5.
  • Vertical Integration Prohibited – see Column 4.

Packaging and Labeling

  • Health and Safety Warning Requirements – see Column 8.
  • Packaging Requirements – see Column 9.

Product Testing, Specification and Certification

  • Inventory Tracking Requirements – see Column 6.
  • Use and Testing for Pesticides – see Column 7.

Retail Sales

Taxation, Fees, and Pricing


  • Impaired Driving Prohibitions – see Column 12.
  • Open Container Restrictions – see Column 14.

Underage and Adult Offenses

  • Prohibitions on Underage Purchase, Possession, Consumption, and Furnishing – see Column 11.
  • Restrictions on Public Consumption – see Column 12.

In addition, APIS has developed the Cannabis Policy Taxonomy (CPT), an inventory and taxonomy of cannabis policies.

Recently Adopted

Information is available on States that have recently adopted laws legalizing the recreational use of cannabis since the most recent update of this website.