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Bans on Off-Premises Sunday Sales

Laws banning Sunday sales of alcoholic beverages for off-premises consumption as of January 1, 1998 and repeals from that date forward.

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Jurisdiction Policies as of Ban Repealed Exceptions Citations
Local Option 3.2 Beer Sales
Alabama (2513)
1/1/2020 Yes 2 Citations
Arkansas (2514)
1/1/2020 Yes 3 Citations
Colorado (2520)
1/1/2020Yes  4 Citations
Connecticut (2522)
1/1/2020Yes  4 Citations
Delaware (2521)
1/1/2020Yes  3 Citations
Georgia (2526)
1/1/2020 Yes 4 Citations
Illinois (2515)
1/1/2020Yes  1 Citations
Indiana (4094)
1/1/2020Yes  4 Citations
Kansas (2523)
1/1/2020 Yes 5 Citations
Kentucky (2516)
1/1/2020 Yes 4 Citations
Massachusetts (2518)
1/1/2020Yes  4 Citations
Minnesota (2517)
1/1/2020Yes  3 Citations
Nebraska (2525)
1/1/2020 Yes 8 Citations
Oklahoma (4130)
1/1/2020Yes  1 Citations
Pennsylvania (2528)

Hotels and restaurants are allowed to sell malt or brewed beverages on Sundays for consumption off the premises where sold in quantities of not more than 192 fluid ounces. Effective February 7, 2003, Pennsylvania amended its Sunday sales ban to allow for a two-year time period during which "the board shall open up to ten per centum of the total number of Pennsylvania Liquor Stores at its discretion for Sunday sales." See 47 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 3-304. Effective February 7, 2005, this statute was amended to remove the trial period and to authorize the board to open up to 25 percent of the total number of Pennsylvania liquor stores for Sunday sales. Effective September 6, 2005, manufacturers, importing distributors, and distributors were authorized to sell malt or brewed beverages to non-licensed buyers on Sundays. Effective August 8, 2016, Pennsylvania Liquor Stores, including online stores, shall be open on the hours and days that the board deems appropriate.

1/1/2020Yes  10 Citations
Rhode Island (2530)
1/1/2020Yes  3 Citations
South Carolina (2531)
1/1/2020 Yes 5 Citations
Tennessee (4086)
1/1/2020Yes  5 Citations
Utah (2529)
1/1/2020 Only in combination with another exceptionOnly in combination with another exception6 Citations
Virginia (2524)

Beginning on July 1, 2004, certain government stores, as determined by the Board, are allowed to be open on Sunday for the sale of alcoholic beverages.  Between July 1, 2004 and June 30, 2019 these sales could begin after 1:00 p.m.  Beginning July 1, 2019, these sales may begin after 10:00 a.m.

1/1/2020Yes  5 Citations