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This policy topic covers laws that restrict on-premises retailers from using price- and/or volume-related marketing tactics. 

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Jurisdiction Policies as of Prohibited Citations
Free Beverages Multiple Servings at One Time Multiple Serving for Single Serving Price Happy Hours (Reduced Price) Unlimited Beverages for Fixed Price or Period Increased Volume Without Increased Price
Type of Provision Description
AL (Alabama)
1/1/2017  YesRestrictedPermitted 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.  2 Citations
AK (Alaska)
1/1/2017Yes  BannedYes 1 Citations
AZ (Arizona)
1/1/2017   Yes 1 Citations
AR (Arkansas)
1/1/2017Yes YesYes 2 Citations
CA (California)
1/1/2017     3 Citations
CO (Colorado)
1/1/2017     No Law
CT (Connecticut)
1/1/2017 Yes Yes 1 Citations
DE (Delaware)
1/1/2017  YesYes 1 Citations
DC (District of Columbia)
1/1/2017 Yes   2 Citations
FL (Florida)
1/1/2017     No Law
GA (Georgia)
1/1/2017     No Law
HI (Hawaii)
1/1/2017     No Law
ID (Idaho)
1/1/2017     No Law
IL (Illinois)
1/1/2017Yes YesRestrictedFull Day Price Reductions not bannedYesYes4 Citations
IN (Indiana)
1/1/2017  YesBannedFull Day Price Reductions not banned  1 Citations
IA (Iowa)
1/1/2017     No Law
KS (Kansas)
1/1/2017Yes  Yes 4 Citations
KY (Kentucky)
1/1/2017Yes    1 Citations
LA (Louisiana)

On-premises retailers may not offer an unlimited number of drinks for a fixed price after 10 p.m.

1/1/2017   Yes 2 Citations
ME (Maine)
1/1/2017Yes  Yes 1 Citations
MD (Maryland)
1/1/2017     No Law
MA (Massachusetts)
1/1/2017Yes  BannedYesYes1 Citations
MI (Michigan)
1/1/2017Yes YesYes 3 Citations
MN (Minnesota)
1/1/2017     No Law
MS (Mississippi)
1/1/2017     No Law
MO (Missouri)
1/1/2017     No Law
MT (Montana)
1/1/2017     No Law
NE (Nebraska)
1/1/2017  YesYes 1 Citations
NV (Nevada)
1/1/2017     No Law
NH (New Hampshire)
1/1/2017Yes    1 Citations
NJ (New Jersey)
1/1/2017  YesYes 1 Citations
NM (New Mexico)
1/1/2017  YesYes 1 Citations
NY (New York)
1/1/2017Yes YesYes 1 Citations
NC (North Carolina)
1/1/2017 YesYesBanned Full Day Price Reductions not banned  1 Citations
ND (North Dakota)
1/1/2017     No Law
OH (Ohio)
1/1/2017Yes YesRestrictedPermitted before 9 p.m.YesYes2 Citations
OK (Oklahoma)
1/1/2017   BannedYesYes1 Citations
OR (Oregon)
1/1/2017   RestrictedPermitted before midnight.Yes 1 Citations
PA (Pennsylvania)
1/1/2017  YesRestrictedPermitted before midnight; maximum of 4 hours per day and/or 14 hours per week.YesYes4 Citations
RI (Rhode Island)
1/1/2017  YesBannedYesYes2 Citations
SC (South Carolina)
1/1/2017  YesRestrictedPermitted 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.  2 Citations
SD (South Dakota)
1/1/2017     No Law
TN (Tennessee)

After 10 p.m., on-premises retailers may not offer multiple servings at one time, reduced price drinks, or drinks with increased volume for the same price as regular-sized drinks.

1/1/2017YesYes RestrictedPermitted before 10 p.m.YesYes1 Citations
TX (Texas)
1/1/2017  YesRestrictedPermitted before 11 p.m.YesYes1 Citations
UT (Utah)
1/1/2017Yes YesBannedThe status of Full Day Price Reductions is uncertainYesYes8 Citations
VT (Vermont)
1/1/2017Yes  BannedFull Day Price Reductions not banned  1 Citations
VA (Virginia)
1/1/2017  YesRestrictedPermitted before 9 p.m.YesYes3 Citations
WA (Washington)
1/1/2017  Yes  2 Citations
WV (West Virginia)
1/1/2017     No Law
WI (Wisconsin)
1/1/2017     No Law
WY (Wyoming)
1/1/2017     No Law
US ( United States)
1/1/2017     No Law