Pregnancy and Alcohol

Limitations on Criminal Prosecution

Laws addressing the use of medical test results, such as prenatal screenings or toxicology tests, as evidence in the criminal prosecution of women who may have caused harm to a fetus or a child.

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Changes Over Time for Limitations on Criminal Prosecution
Jurisdiction Date Range Limitations on
Criminal Prosecution
CO (Colorado)
1/1/1998 - 3/8/2012 
CO (Colorado)
3/9/2012 - 1/1/2018Yes3 Citations
FL (Florida)
1/1/1998 - 6/30/1998Yes1 Citations
FL (Florida)
7/1/1998 - 1/1/2018 
LA (Louisiana)
1/1/1998 - 8/14/2007 
LA (Louisiana)

In general, all laws enacted during a regular session of the Louisiana legislature take effect on August 15th of the calendar year in which the regular session is held; however, any bill may specify an earlier or later effective date. 2007 La. Acts 396 states that this provision will not become effective until the legislature appropriates sufficient funds for such purposes. APIS is unable to determine whether this condition has been met.

8/15/2007 - 1/1/2018Yes2 Citations
NV (Nevada)
1/1/1998 - 9/30/1999 
NV (Nevada)
10/1/1999 - 1/1/2018Yes2 Citations