Pregnancy and Alcohol

Priority Treatment

Laws mandating priority access to public and private substance abuse treatment for pregnant and postpartum women who abuse alcohol.

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Variables: Priority Treatment

  1. Who is designated for priority treatment? (Priority Applies to Whom?)
    • Pregnant women
    • Postpartum women
    • Women with minor children
  2. Type(s) of programs mandated to provide priority access (Program Type(s))
    • Inpatient treatment - Treatment in which patients or clients sleep and take meals in the medical or other facility in which treatment services are provided.
    • Outpatient treatment - Treatment provided in a facility to which patients or clients commute for care.
    • Not Specified
  3. Type(s) of providers mandated to provide priority access (Provider Type(s))
    • Public Treatment Provider - A provider that is either a governmental agency or a private agency or organization that receives reimbursement for services from a public source.
    • Private Treatment Provider - A private sector for-profit or not-for-profit agency that provides services to patients or clients.
  4. Medical Records Confidentiality
    • Presence of provisions within priority treatment statutes and regulations that mandate confidentiality of records of pregnant or postpartum women in substance abuse treatment.