Underage Drinking

Prohibitions Against Hosting Underage Drinking Parties

Laws that impose liability against individuals (social hosts) responsible for underage drinking events on property they own, lease, or otherwise control.

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Changes Over Time for Prohibitions Against Hosting Underage Drinking Parties
Jurisdiction Date Range Specific to
Action by
Property Type Knowledge
Exceptions Citations
Res. Outdoor Other Family Resident
NH (New Hampshire)
1/1/1998 - 4/11/2004      
NH (New Hampshire)

In New Hampshire, an "underage alcohol house party" means a gathering of five or more people under the age of 21 at any occupied structure, dwelling, or curtilage, where at least one person under the age of 21 unlawfully possesses or consumes an alcoholic beverage. A person is guilty of a misdemeanor if he or she owns or has control of the occupied structure, dwelling, or curtilage where an underage alcohol house party is held and he or she knowingly commits an overt act in furtherance of the occurrence of the underage alcohol house party knowing persons under the age of 21 possess or intend to consume alcoholic beverages. The "preventive action" provision in New Hampshire allows the defendant to avoid criminal liability by establishing, as an affirmative defense, that he or she took preventive action with respect to the underage alcohol house party.

4/12/2004 - 1/1/2018SpecificIntention Possession ConsumptionYesYesYesOvert ActYesYes 3 Citations