Alcohol Control Systems

Retail Distribution Systems for Spirits

Laws addressing retail distribution of distilled spirits including State-run, private licensed sellers, or combination systems.

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Timeline of changes for Retail Distribution Systems for Spirits
AKNo Change
ALNo Change
ARNo Change
AZNo Change
CANo Change
CONo Change
CTNo Change
DCNo Change
DENo Change
FLNo Change
GANo Change
HINo Change
IANo Change
  • Jurisdiction: Idaho
  • Effective Date of Change: 7/1/2012
  • Change: Spirits between 4% ABV and 4% ABW added to state-run system.
  • Details
ILNo Change
INNo Change
KSNo Change
KYNo Change
LANo Change
MANo Change
MDNo Change
  • Jurisdiction: Maine
  • Effective Date of Change: 4/12/2012
  • Change: Spirits between 6% and 8% ABV switched from state-run to license
  • Details
MINo Change
MNNo Change
MONo Change
MSNo Change
MTNo Change
NCNo Change
NDNo Change
NENo Change
NHNo Change
NJNo Change
NMNo Change
NVNo Change
NYNo Change
OHNo Change
OKNo Change
ORNo Change
PANo Change
RINo Change
SCNo Change
SDNo Change
TNNo Change
TXNo Change
  • Jurisdiction: Utah
  • Effective Date of Change: 5/5/2008
  • Change: Lower range of alcohol content decreased to 0.5% ABV
  • Details
VANo Change
VTNo Change
  • Jurisdiction: Washington
  • Effective Date of Change: 12/8/2011
  • Change: Spirits between 1% ABW and 100% (undefined) switched from state-run to license system
  • Details
WINo Change
WVNo Change
WYNo Change
USNo Change