Underage Drinking

Underage Purchase of Alcohol

Laws prohibiting minors from purchasing or attempting to purchase alcoholic beverages, together with laws allowing persons under age 21 to purchase alcoholic beverages for law enforcement purposes.

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Variables: Underage Purchase of Alcohol

The variables for underage purchase of alcoholic beverages pertain to a prohibition of purchases by persons under 21 years of age. These variables are coded based on relevant statutes and regulations. There may also be policies relevant to underage purchase that are based on custom or constitutional protections that are not addressed by APIS.

  1. Purchase Prohibited
    • A check mark appears in the Purchase Prohibited column if the relevant State provisions include actual or attempted purchase.
  2. Youth May Purchase for Law Enforcement Purposes
    • A check mark appears in this column if the State allows a person under age 21 to purchase alcoholic beverages as part of a law enforcement action (see Definitions).