Alcohol Beverages Pricing

Wholesale Pricing Practices and Restrictions

Laws restricting the wholesale price of alcoholic beverages.

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Timeline of changes for Wholesale Pricing Practices and Restrictions
AlabamaNo Change
AlaskaNo Change
ArizonaNo Change
ArkansasNo Change
CaliforniaNo Change
  • Jurisdiction: Colorado
  • Effective Date of Change: 8/6/2003
  • Change: Other provision changed
  • Details
ConnecticutNo Change
  • Jurisdiction: Delaware
  • Effective Date of Change: 2/11/2016
  • Change: Other provision changed
  • Details
District of ColumbiaNo Change
FloridaNo Change
GeorgiaNo Change
HawaiiNo Change
  • Jurisdiction: Idaho
  • Effective Date of Change: 7/1/2011
  • Change: Multiple changes
  • Details
IllinoisNo Change
IndianaNo Change
IowaNo Change
KansasNo Change
  • Jurisdiction: Kentucky
  • Effective Date of Change: 7/13/2004
  • Change: Other provision changed
  • Details
  • Jurisdiction: Louisiana
  • Effective Date of Change: 4/30/2008
  • Change: Multiple changes
  • Details
MaineNo Change
  • Jurisdiction: Maryland
  • Effective Date of Change: 9/27/2007
  • Change: Post and hold law repealed
  • Details
MassachusettsNo Change
  • Jurisdiction: Michigan
  • Effective Date of Change: 4/12/2016
  • Change: Other provision changed
  • Details
  • Jurisdiction: Minnesota
  • Effective Date of Change: 5/8/2003
  • Change: Post and hold law repealed
  • Details
MississippiNo Change
MissouriNo Change
MontanaNo Change
NebraskaNo Change
NevadaNo Change
New HampshireNo Change
New JerseyNo Change
New MexicoNo Change
New YorkNo Change
North CarolinaNo Change
North DakotaNo Change
OhioNo Change
  • Jurisdiction: Oklahoma
  • Effective Date of Change: 10/1/2018
  • Change: Removes post and hold requirement.
  • Details
OregonNo Change
PennsylvaniaNo Change
Rhode IslandNo Change
South CarolinaNo Change
South DakotaNo Change
TennesseeNo Change
TexasNo Change
UtahNo Change
VermontNo Change
VirginiaNo Change
  • Jurisdiction: Washington
  • Effective Date of Change: 12/8/2011
  • Change: Multiple changes
  • Details
West Virginia                                                 
  • Jurisdiction: West Virginia
  • Effective Date of Change: 4/17/2015
  • Change: Other provision changed
  • Details
WisconsinNo Change
WyomingNo Change
United StatesNo Change