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Alcohol Policy Changes at a Glance

You may query a listing of Alcohol Policy Changes based on Topic, Jurisdiction, and/or Year by selecting items from the “View Policy Changes” menu. Multiple items may be selected from each menu of options. Once you select an item(s), a list of corresponding Policy Changes will display.

Additionally, you may view a count of changes by Year, Jurisdiction, or Topic by selecting the corresponding option.

Policy Change Query

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This search returns changes listed under the Alcohol Policy Topics section of the site only, and does not include the Recreational Use of Cannabis or COVID-19 policy topics. The increase in policy changes beginning in 2003 is due to the fact that coverage for 10 of the APIS policy topics begins on January 1, 2003. Policy changes prior to January 1, 1998, are limited to changes involving the Pregnancy and Alcohol and Pregnancy and Drugs topics. The most recent year of coverage includes only changes that took effect on January 1 of that year. Changes to Cannabis policies can be viewed using the Changes Over Time tab for Cannabis volumes 1 and 2, and setting the dates to the most recent year.

Query Results
Category Policy Topic Jurisdiction Date
Alcohol Beverages PricingDrink SpecialsOklahoma10/1/2018
Alcohol Beverages TaxesWineOklahoma10/1/2018
Alcohol Beverages TaxesWineWashington12/8/2011
Alcohol Beverages TaxesWineConnecticut5/4/2011
Alcohol Beverages TaxesWineNew Jersey8/1/2009
Alcohol Beverages TaxesWineMinnesota1/1/2006
Pregnancy and AlcoholLegal Significance for Child Abuse/Child NeglectNew Jersey1/16/2018
Pregnancy and AlcoholLegal Significance for Child Abuse/Child NeglectVirginia7/1/1998
Pregnancy and AlcoholReporting RequirementsConnecticut7/1/2018
Pregnancy and AlcoholReporting RequirementsOklahoma5/8/2018
Pregnancy and AlcoholReporting RequirementsNew Jersey1/16/2018
Pregnancy and AlcoholReporting RequirementsVirginia7/1/1998
Underage DrinkingFalse Identification for Obtaining AlcoholOklahoma7/1/2006
Underage DrinkingFalse Identification for Obtaining AlcoholMississippi4/11/2002
Underage DrinkingFalse Identification for Obtaining AlcoholConnecticut10/1/2001

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