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The increase in policy changes beginning in 2003 is largely a reflection of the fact that, for 14 out of 41 APIS policy topics, coverage begins on 1/1/2003 rather than in 1998, and so there are no historical data for those 14 topics prior to 2003.

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Category Policy Topic Jurisdiction Date
Alcohol Beverages PricingDrink SpecialsOregon4/1/2003
Alcohol Beverages PricingDrink SpecialsIllinois7/15/2015
Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) LimitsAdult Operators of Noncommercial Motor VehiclesIndiana7/1/2001
Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) LimitsAdult Operators of Noncommercial Motor VehiclesAlaska9/1/2001
Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) LimitsAdult Operators of Noncommercial Motor VehiclesNew York7/1/2003
Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) LimitsAdult Operators of Noncommercial Motor VehiclesNevada9/23/2003
Pregnancy and AlcoholReporting RequirementsNevada1/1/1968
Pregnancy and AlcoholReporting RequirementsIllinois8/1/1988
Pregnancy and AlcoholReporting RequirementsOregon8/5/1989
Pregnancy and AlcoholReporting RequirementsIllinois7/1/1990
Pregnancy and AlcoholReporting RequirementsNew York6/30/1993
Pregnancy and AlcoholReporting RequirementsAlaska1/19/1996
Pregnancy and AlcoholReporting RequirementsIndiana7/1/1997
Pregnancy and AlcoholReporting RequirementsIndiana7/1/2004
Pregnancy and AlcoholReporting RequirementsNevada10/1/2005
Pregnancy and AlcoholReporting RequirementsAlaska5/4/2006
Pregnancy and AlcoholReporting RequirementsNew York5/25/2016
Pregnancy and AlcoholReporting RequirementsNevada12/19/2018
Underage DrinkingUnderage Purchase of AlcoholOregon1/1/2002
Underage DrinkingUnderage Purchase of AlcoholAlaska9/27/2004
Underage DrinkingUnderage Purchase of AlcoholIndiana7/1/2008
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesAlaska1/1/1999
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesIllinois1/1/2003
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesOregon1/1/2008
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesIllinois7/22/2009
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesIndiana7/1/2014
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesOregon1/1/2019

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