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The increase in policy changes beginning in 2003 is largely a reflection of the fact that, for 14 out of 35 APIS policy topics, coverage begins on 1/1/2003 rather than in 1998, and so there are no historical data for those 14 topics prior to 2003.

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Category Policy Topic Jurisdiction Date
Alcohol Beverages PricingDrink SpecialsOR4/1/2003
Alcohol Beverages PricingDrink SpecialsUT5/5/2003
Alcohol Beverages PricingDrink SpecialsVT9/1/2005
Alcohol Beverages PricingDrink SpecialsPA7/28/2011
Alcohol Beverages PricingDrink SpecialsKS7/1/2012
Alcohol Beverages PricingDrink SpecialsIL7/15/2015
Alcohol Beverages PricingDrink SpecialsDE2/11/2016
Alcohol Beverages PricingDrink SpecialsVA7/28/2016
Alcohol Beverages TaxesDistilled SpiritsNE7/1/2003
Alcohol Beverages TaxesDistilled SpiritsNV8/1/2003
Alcohol Beverages TaxesDistilled SpiritsKY6/1/2005
Alcohol Beverages TaxesDistilled SpiritsWI7/27/2005
Alcohol Beverages TaxesDistilled SpiritsMN1/1/2006
Alcohol Beverages TaxesDistilled SpiritsAR1/1/2006
Alcohol Beverages TaxesDistilled SpiritsSC1/1/2006
Alcohol Beverages TaxesDistilled SpiritsNJ8/1/2009
Alcohol Beverages TaxesDistilled SpiritsIL9/1/2009
Alcohol Beverages TaxesDistilled SpiritsDC10/1/2009
Alcohol Beverages TaxesDistilled SpiritsKS7/1/2010
Alcohol Beverages TaxesDistilled SpiritsCT5/4/2011
Alcohol Beverages TaxesDistilled SpiritsMD7/1/2011
Alcohol Beverages TaxesDistilled SpiritsDC7/1/2011
Alcohol Beverages TaxesDistilled SpiritsWA12/8/2011
Alcohol Beverages TaxesDistilled SpiritsKS7/1/2013
Alcohol Beverages TaxesDistilled SpiritsRI7/1/2013
Alcohol Beverages TaxesDistilled SpiritsDC10/1/2013
Alcohol Beverages TaxesDistilled SpiritsTX1/1/2014
Alcohol Beverages TaxesDistilled SpiritsKS7/1/2015
Alcohol Beverages TaxesDistilled SpiritsLA4/1/2016
Alcohol Beverages TaxesDistilled SpiritsDE9/1/2017
Alcohol Control SystemsWholesale Distribution Systems for BeerMS7/1/1998
Alcohol Control SystemsWholesale Distribution Systems for BeerOH10/11/2002
Alcohol Control SystemsWholesale Distribution Systems for BeerWA7/1/2003
Alcohol Control SystemsWholesale Distribution Systems for BeerNC8/13/2005
Alcohol Control SystemsWholesale Distribution Systems for BeerNH7/18/2007
Alcohol Control SystemsWholesale Distribution Systems for BeerUT5/5/2008
Alcohol Control SystemsWholesale Distribution Systems for BeerVT7/1/2008
Alcohol Control SystemsWholesale Distribution Systems for BeerAL5/22/2009
Alcohol Control SystemsWholesale Distribution Systems for BeerWV7/9/2009
Alcohol Control SystemsWholesale Distribution Systems for BeerMT10/1/2009
Alcohol Control SystemsWholesale Distribution Systems for BeerIA3/10/2010
Alcohol Control SystemsWholesale Distribution Systems for BeerWA12/8/2011
Alcohol Control SystemsWholesale Distribution Systems for BeerMS7/1/2012
Alcohol Control SystemsWholesale Distribution Systems for BeerOH8/31/2016
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationKS2/7/2003
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationIN7/1/2003
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationLA8/15/2003
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationOR9/1/2003
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationOK11/1/2003
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationNY11/22/2003
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationOR12/1/2003
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationMO7/1/2004
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationRI8/23/2004
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationID7/1/2005
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationMO8/11/2005
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationAR8/12/2005
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationMT10/1/2005
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationNC12/1/2006
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationWY1/1/2007
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationIA7/1/2007
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationAR7/31/2007
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationNE9/1/2007
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationSC1/1/2008
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationNY9/25/2008
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationAR7/1/2009
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationNY11/22/2010
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationMI12/21/2010
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationID7/1/2013
Retail SalesKeg RegistrationME11/1/2017
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesMA11/4/1998
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesAK1/1/1999
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesFL7/1/1999
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesSD7/1/2000
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesMT3/16/2001
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesKS7/1/2001
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesMS4/11/2002
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesNH1/1/2003
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesIL1/1/2003
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesMT10/1/2003
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesRI7/2/2004
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesVA7/1/2005
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesAR8/12/2005
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesMO8/28/2005
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesVA7/1/2006
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesOK7/1/2006
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesHI1/1/2007
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesUT4/30/2007
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesCT6/25/2007
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesSC7/1/2007
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesOR1/1/2008
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesAR4/6/2009
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesUT7/1/2009
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesIL7/22/2009
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesMD10/1/2009
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesNE7/15/2010
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesSD7/1/2012
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesIN7/1/2014
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesGA7/1/2015
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesOK11/1/2015

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