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The increase in policy changes beginning in 2003 is largely a reflection of the fact that, for 14 out of 35 APIS policy topics, coverage begins on 1/1/2003 rather than in 1998, and so there are no historical data for those 14 topics prior to 2003.

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Category Policy Topic Jurisdiction Date
Alcohol Beverages PricingDrink SpecialsIL7/15/2015
Alcohol Beverages TaxesBeerKY7/1/2015
Alcohol Beverages TaxesBeerKS7/1/2015
Alcohol Beverages TaxesDistilled SpiritsKS7/1/2015
Alcohol Beverages TaxesWineKS7/1/2015
Alcohol Beverages TaxesWineKY7/1/2015
Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) LimitsOperators of Recreational WatercraftMI3/31/2015
Health Care Services and FinancingHealth Insurance Parity for Alcohol-Related TreatmentNY4/1/2015
Health Care Services and FinancingHealth Insurance Parity for Alcohol-Related TreatmentMD5/12/2015
Health Care Services and FinancingHealth Insurance: Losses due to Intoxication (“UPPL”)TN7/1/2015
Pregnancy and AlcoholPriority TreatmentTX6/21/2015
Pregnancy and AlcoholPriority TreatmentKY6/24/2015
Pregnancy and AlcoholPriority TreatmentLA8/1/2015
Pregnancy and AlcoholPriority TreatmentMD10/1/2015
Retail SalesBans on Off-Premises Sunday SalesIL7/15/2015
Retail SalesBeverage Service Training and Related PracticesND8/1/2015
TransportationOpen Containers of Alcohol in Motor VehiclesWV6/10/2015
Underage DrinkingFalse Identification for Obtaining AlcoholGA7/1/2015
Underage DrinkingUnderage Purchase of AlcoholOK11/1/2015
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesGA7/1/2015
Underage DrinkingUse/Lose: Driving PrivilegesOK11/1/2015

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